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Did you lose your key? Did it break? Do you have a damaged lock on your hands? These situations are so common that there is a thriving locksmith trade around it! Regardless of our efficiency or that of our locks, either one is likely to fail every once in a while. You may lose your key somewhere or your lock may just refuse to budge. No matter what your situation is, what you do need is a competent service such as City Locksmith Shop that can provide you quick unlock service and get you on your way. City Locksmith Shop has been a leading name in Wayne, MI area for providing reliable unlock service to its residential, commercial and automotive clients, round the clock.

Unlock service for all types of lockouts:

If you think that you only option to regain access in case of a lockout is forced entry, think again. City Locksmith Shop has a team of expert technicians who can handle your lockout crisis with accuracy and tackle all kinds of locks. Whether it is a digital lock in your office or an entry door lock at your front door, there isn’t a lock that our locksmiths cannot handle. We can also provide unlock service for your car trunks, vehicle doors etc. Our locksmiths have thorough knowledge of the trade and are equipped with right kind of tools to provide speedy service.

Safe unlock service

The idea behind a safe or a file cabinet lock is to ensure that no unwanted person can access what you are trying to protect. However, if you are locked out of your own safe due to lost key or forgotten key combination, you can only get your access back through a professional. But will you entrust the safety of of your file cabinet/safe and its contents into the hands of an inexperienced locksmith? City Locksmith Shop has been in business for a decade and can unlock your cabinets with expert professionalism and integrity.

Trunk unlock service for cars

Don't worry if you have a car trunk that is jammed shut. Our reliable unlock service is all you need to quickly open the trunk and get access to it. City Locksmith Shop is readily present in all of Wayne, MI area so that you can be assisted quickly.

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  • We are available 24/7
  • We are an affordable service
  • We promise to unlock every lock with no damage
  • Onsite solution

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